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The Department of Human Service’s computer systems are provided for the conduct of the business of the Department. Access to the Department’s computer systems via the Internet is granted on the basis that:

  • Only registered and authorised persons do so;
  • Users only access computer systems, applications, databases or files for which they are authorised;
  • They are not used for any purpose that breaches any law or that infringes the civil rights of any person;
  • They are not used to store or distribute material that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, offensive, discriminatory or harassing;
  • Users do not damage these computer services, including knowingly uploading, opening a virus or other malicious code;
  • Private or confidential information is not shared with unauthorised people;
  • Private or confidential information is not copied, unless the information is subsequently protected in a manner appropriate to the sensitivity of the information;
  • Users abide by the Department’s Confidentiality Undertaking, where applicable;
  • Passwords and other authentication devices issued to provide access are kept secure to prevent unauthorised access;
  • Passwords are not written down where they may be accessible to an unauthorised user;
  • Breaches of security are reported at the earliest opportunity.

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